New vet Ellie Griffiths at Equine Veterinary Centre with her dog

Goodbyes and Hellos…

We would like to let everyone know that Simon Hutton is no longer working for the Equine Veterinary Centre. We wish him well in the future.

And we would like you all to welcome Ellie Griffiths to the team. Ellie is from Rutland where she was been working in a 100% equine practice.

She has come up the road to Yorkshire with her little dog, Gertie, and her mare Rosie, who is currently in foal. So she will also hopefully have a new addition this summer.

Please make her feel welcome when you see her.

Winter Care Tips Feet

Winter Care Tips Feet

Constant standing around in mud can compromise the health of your horse’s feet. Ensure feet are picked out daily. It may be necessary to bring some horses in each day to allow feet to dry out. Overreach boots may become a necessity to prevent loss of shoes in sticky...