We operate a zone visit scheme where we work in your area on the same day each week and offer a reduced visit fee. If we see 4 or more horses the visit fee will be free of charge.

Zone visits are on a set day and for appointments between 9.00am– 5.00pm with a pre-determined veterinary surgeon. If you require a different vet or a later visit then our standard visit fee applies.

Zone visits are suitable for routine appointments such as vaccinations, dentistry, clinical examinations, blood tests and ID chips.

We do not perform gastroscopy, pre purchase examinations or lameness investigations on zone visits as these procedures generally take longer and can limit other clients being able to have a zone visit.

Please give at least 24 hours notice for zone visits as they are very popular and booked on a first come first served basis.

zone area map South Yorkshire
Winter Care Tips Feet

Winter Care Tips Feet

Constant standing around in mud can compromise the health of your horse’s feet. Ensure feet are picked out daily. It may be necessary to bring some horses in each day to allow feet to dry out. Overreach boots may become a necessity to prevent loss of shoes in sticky...