X-ray of horse's hoof with large nail embedded through hoof

This morning (1st April!) Richard was called out to Ticky, who was found with a nail in her foot.

Luckily her owner had left the nail in position so Richard could X-ray to check if the nail had penetrated any vital structures. We are very pleased to say that Ticky was very lucky and has a good prognosis.

We would always advise leaving the nail in place and calling the vet, who can then take an X-ray and determine the location of the nail before removing it.


digital x-raysRadiographs, also known as x-rays, are particularly useful for imaging bones but can also give us some information about soft tissues.
They are most useful for diagnosing fractures, bone infections and tumours, joint diseases such as arthritis and other conditions such as navicular disease and laminitis.

We are equipped with a BCF DR system which enables us to take a radiograph and have an image appear on the laptop within seconds. The software system modifies the image to give far more detail than was ever possible with conventional x-ray film.

This allows for accurate diagnosis and immediate formulation of treatment plans. It is also easy to burn these images onto a CD or memory stick for storage and we can either post or e-mail these images for your farrier or for second opinions from orthopaedic specialists.

It is a portable system which enables radiographs to be taken at a clients property. All that is required is mains electric and a flat clean surface with protection from the weather.

Our Zone Days

Our Zone Days

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