It’s getting chilly…

Around this time of year as the weather gets colder, we start seeing a spike in cases of impaction colics.

These often present as grumbling colics where the horse is uncomfortable, not passing droppings and is reluctant to keep eating. At this time of year they can be caused by not drinking enough or by a change in routine to being stabled for longer.

You can try and prevent this by making sure your horse keeps drinking – in the field make sure water troughs aren’t left iced over and in the stable make sure your horse has ad lib water.

Snow at Equine Veterinary Centre showing snow on the ambulance
Snow at Equine Veterinary Centre showing snow on the horses

If they aren’t keen on drinking when kept in you can add something like apple juice or molasses to the water to encourage them, or a small amount of salt can be added to their feeds.

It is also important that they do some exercise, whether that is turnout in a field or school, lunging or ridden work.

If you are worried that your horse is showing signs of colic, please phone the Centre on 01977 652280.

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Winter Care Tips Feet

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