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The evening was kindly sponsored by 4CYTE UK the makers of the fabulous Epiitalis Forte joint supplement and we also thank our local referral hospital Rainbow Equine Hospital for our guest speaker Rachel Agass.

Very informative talk on worming by Ellie. Now is the time, if you haven’t already; to worm for encysted red worms.

Our worming programme is now available with your 4 worm egg counts for next year and the Autumn/Winter wormer (Equest Pramox) for both this year and next for £75.

Or if you just want to start or renew for next year with your 4 worm egg counts and 1 Equest Pramox next Autumn for £55.

Just give us a ring at the office on 01977652280 for more information.

Damien gave us the run down on a lameness workup
Very informative talk on worming by Ellie
Richard followed on with information on osteoarthritis treatment. — at The Reindeer Inn Sandtoft.
*Covid-19 Update*

*Covid-19 Update*

We are trying to do our best for our clients to ensure the health and welfare of their horses