**COVID-19 and Teleconsultations**


**COVID-19 and Teleconsultations**

We are trying to do our best for our clients to ensure the health and welfare of their horses. We must stress that that all emergencies and essential visits will be attended as per normal and we urge clients to call the clinic in such situations.

In the interests of public health and safety we need to limit non essential contact and as a result the government and veterinary regulatory bodies have modified the rules regarding the dispensing of prescription only medication.

In response to the changes in regulations we are offering telemedicine consultations, whereby we will arrange to discuss a problem you may have with your horse, pony or donkey.

Telemedicine consultations are ideal for conditions that aren’t emergencies but may require discussion and potentially some medical intervention. We have run a few video consults already, and they have worked brilliantly.

What you need to know:
– If you wish to speak to a vet about a concern you may have regarding your horse’s health, please call the Centre on 01977 652280 and a receptionist will book you a virtual consultation appointment with one of our vets.

– The vet will take full history, see any photos/videos you wish to share, and can carry out a live video consult. You may wish to be with your horse at the time of the appointment.
– Each virtual consult lasts the same length as a normal consult, 15-25min, as necessary.
– This service costs £25, which is credited to your account if the vet advises that they still need to visit. (note this will only be credited if a visit is booked at the time)


Corona virus statement for remote prescribing

In line with the RCVS guidelines for remote prescribing of POM-V medicines during the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision was made between the veterinary surgeon and the owner/client managing the horse to prescribe the following medicines remotely. Should there be complications associated with the administration of the drug then the owner/client should contact the on call vet and the animal can be examined as an emergency at the discretion of the vet.

Corona virus statement for telemedicine

In line with the RCVS guidelines for telemedicine during the Covid-19 pandemic, and following the Equine Veterinary Centre’s telemedicine protocol, the decision was made between the veterinary surgeon and the owner/client managing the horse to implement the following treatment plan without hands-on examination of the horse. This decision is based on information provided to the veterinary surgeon remotely from the owner/client, and is applicable unless the situation changes to class as an emergency.