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Rupert thought he could have a go at being a Grand Prix showjumper and was found in this rather sticky situation last week. Being a typical cob he was still munching his way around the small circle of grass he could still reach!

He was sedated to allow the firemen to cut down the gate so he could be rolled off. After a few minutes laying down to have a rest he was back on his feet. After a good dose of painkillers he was completely back to normal within 24 hours!

That’s what we call a lucky escape…

horse Rupert stuck on fence

Overnight Care

The Equine Veterinary Centre is not a hospital and hence is not staffed 24 hours a day

UK equine viral arteritis confirmed

Although not close to Doncaster, the UK’s CVO has confirmed two cases of equine viral arteritis in non-thoroughbred stallions on a premises in Dorset. Restrictions on breeding have been put in place on the animals to limit the risk of the disease spreading...