Shetland pony and pomeranian
Sweet Shetland pony in stable

Castration season is upon us!

We usually castrate colts from 6 months onwards – we can do it as soon as both testicles are present if they are starting to show colt-like behaviour.

Spring is the best time to do this before the flies are too bad. The procedure can be done under standing sedation or a full general anaesthetic, which the vet will discuss with you on the day.

Your colt will also be given painkillers and covered for tetanus. The area is cleaned and prepped before local anaesthetic is injected into the testicle.

Once this has taken effect the scrotum can be cut into and the testicle removed with a pair of emasculators – a tool with a cutting and crushing blade to remove the testicle and crush the blood vessel and spermatic cord supplying it.

This is then repeated on the other side. The colt is left with two small incisions which heal up in 1-2 weeks. For more information see the fact sheet below.

If you want to book your boy in then call the Centre on 01977 652280.

How gorgeous are these two little fellas? Wolfie and Seal are both 2 year old American Miniatures who were castrated this week.

The photo below was taken about 15 minutes after Seal came round from his anaesthetic, I’m not sure he was too impressed when he realised something was missing!

Sweet Shetland pony in stable lying down on straw after castration
2 Sweet Shetland ponies in stable with their blankets on
Castration information
Horse testicle
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