Don’t forget, even if you are not on our worming programme, you should be using your Pramox in November to worm against tape worms and encysted red worm.

Equest Pramox Special offer!

Buy 10+ Equest Pramox for £19.50 each
5-10 Equest Pramox for £21 each
1- 5 Equest Pramox for £23 each

This is the time of year to be thinking about Tape worm and encysted red worm (which cannot be tested for hence we recommend treating all horses for it, even if they have had clear worm egg counts all summer).

Equest Pramox

Also, we are still running our WORMING PROGRAM Autumn offer.

For £75 you get an Equest Pramox now and the normal worming program for next year, which is 4 worm egg counts, discount off wormers, free re-tests if your horse needs worming and an Equest Pramox in November 2018!

(Usual cost for the worming program is £55 for the year). Contact the office if you would like to sign your horse up on 01977 652280

Winter Care Tips Feet

Winter Care Tips Feet

Constant standing around in mud can compromise the health of your horse’s feet. Ensure feet are picked out daily. It may be necessary to bring some horses in each day to allow feet to dry out. Overreach boots may become a necessity to prevent loss of shoes in sticky...