Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 5:30 & Sat: 9:00 - 12:00

Here is a list of the yards we are currently visiting next week. If you would like to add on to any visit, please contact the office on 01977 658820.

Please note that whilst we will try and adhere to times, we cannot guarantee this due to other appointments and emergencies.

vet and donkeyMonday:
Hollywell Farm, Knottingley
Howell House Farm, Clayton
Angel Liveries, Selby
Pear Tree Farm, Kirkhouse Green
Tilts Hill Farm, Bentley

We are also in the following areas: Pollington

Stapleton Park, Darrington
Upper Midgely Farm, Wakefield
Sandy Lane, Middlestown
Lee Lane, Ackworth
Hunster Grange, Rossington
Engine Lane, Shafton

We are also in the following areas: Barnsley, Dunscroft

Foxisle Stud, Epworth
South Ewster Farm, West Butterwick
Croft House, Sturton Le Steeple
Fair Haven, Everton
Blacksmith Stables, Old Cantley
The Stables, Gringley on the Hill
Elm Tree Farm, Eastoft
Whincover Farm, Swinton

Bonnyhale Road, Ealand
Godnow Road, Crowle
Hayfields Livery, Thorne
Grange Farm, Knottingley
Lumby Lane, South Milford

Fold Farm, Tickhill
Beckridge Farm, Rotherham
Houghs Farm, Featherstone
Stoneybrigg Stables, Tickhill
Mill Lane, Harlington



Use our top tips to ensure you collect an accurate FWEC sample from your horse in order to get an accurate result …

*Covid-19 Update*

*Covid-19 Update*

We are trying to do our best for our clients to ensure the health and welfare of their horses