Take a look at this lovely foot abscess!

Foot abscesses are a common cause of a very sudden onset of a severe lameness. They are diagnosed by an increased pulse into the foot and by a response to hoof testers.

Hoof testers basically squeeze the foot and if the horse reacts by pulling the foot away when a certain area is squeezed they can give us a clue as to where the abscess is.

We can usually then dig around the area and find a tract. As shown in the video here, if you can follow the tract back enough, you can hit the foot abscess jackpot!

They are usually treated by poulticing the foot to draw out the puss until it has completely drained.

Some abscesses will drain out through the sole of the foot but others may travel upwards and burst out along the coronary band or at the heel bulbs.

This is a good example of one draining out from the sole at the toe.

I’ve used these fabulous vets for many years, they have been amazing with my late chestnut mare who needed regular vet intervention!

Today Sylvia came to my poorly pony, she was amazing! Very thorough and so gentle with her…
Can’t fault any of you, always been great.
Thank you


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