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Although a festive time for us, firework season can be very stressful for our horses. Flashing lights and loud bangs can certainly upset even the quietest of horses.

I would recommend all horse owners to read a great article written by the BHS. It provides a lot of great tips and advice.

Some anxious horses may benefit from a veterinary prescribed sedative paste such as domosedan or sedalin.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to discuss your horse with one of our vets on 01977 652280

I’ve had my girl for 13 years, and the vets at Moorhouse have always been great with her. She’s had a rough time these past 2 years and the Vets have always been fantastic and helped her to come through it.

They’ve all tried so hard this year to keep her happy and pain free, but when the time came to call it a day they were so supportive.

They came out repeatedly to make her comfortable so she could spend a couple of days chilling in the field with her mates, and I could have time to come to terms with it. When it came to it they gave her such a peaceful and dignified end – I couldn’t have asked for a better end for her.

Huge thanks in particular to Ann for trying so hard with her this year, and to Lara who has been so wonderful and supportive for us both
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Winter Care Tips Feet

Winter Care Tips Feet

Constant standing around in mud can compromise the health of your horse’s feet. Ensure feet are picked out daily. It may be necessary to bring some horses in each day to allow feet to dry out. Overreach boots may become a necessity to prevent loss of shoes in sticky...