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Laminitis balancer

We have 2 new additions to our supplement range. Firstly the Veterinary sand clear, which is a psyllium supplement and clears sand out of the horses gut, so great for any horses on sandy land.

The second is Veterinary laminitis balancer, which gives the horse all the essential nutrients they require while they are on a restricted diet, so suitable for horses suffering from laminitis or any horses that are restricted due to weight.

If you would like any information on either of these, or any of the others available in our range please contact the office on 01977 652280

pony and horse at fence

Just wanted to say how fantastic this vet practice is. Professional, knowledgeable,compasionate and dedicated.

Damien, Ann and Lara are fantastic and I can’t thank them enough for all their help over recent months. It’s great to have a team like this on my yard as I know my horses are in the best hands.

Damien’s fantastic at reproductive work and is a credit to my mares and foals. ‘


Our Zone Days

Our Zone Days

Please give at least 24 hours notice for zone visits as they are very popular and booked on a first come first served basis



Use our top tips to ensure you collect an accurate FWEC sample from your horse in order to get an accurate result …