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With Bonfire night approaching fast, we have a special offer on Sedalin for those of you with nervous horses.

Sedalin is in a tube similar to a wormer and should be given to your horse 1 hour before you would expect any fireworks to start so it has chance to take effect.

Until the 5th November we are offering Sedalin at a discounted price of £18/tube. We must have seen your horse in the last 12 months in order to dispense it and it must be paid for at the time.

If you have any concerns about your horse and how they may react to fireworks, feel free to give us a call on 01977652280 to discuss it with one of our vets!


What seed is this?

What seed is this and what dangerous condition can it cause in horses?

Our Exciting News

Richard, Ann and Damien are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with CVS (UK) Ltd to take the practice forward to the next phase of its development