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From conception to competition!

Congratulations to Emily Hobson and Alice for an excellent result on the weekend! What a beautiful mare she has grown to be. We have known her since she was inside her Mum! Lovely to follow them through from conception to competition! Just wanted to say how fantastic...

***Free cushing’s testing***

If you are concerned your horse/pony may have cushing's you are able to get the initial test free of charge until the 31st October 2016 courtesy of Boehringer's 'Talk about Laminitis'. If you would like further information or want to speak to a vet regarding your...

Fantastic attendance

Fantastic attendance for our Client Evening at Robin Hood Horse & Country Store. We were kindly sponsored by Zoetis and Baileys Feeds. We had a very informative education programme based around worming, feeding, cushings and laminitis. And lovely goodie bags with...

Equine Grass Sickness

We have had a confirmed case of grass sickness this week which has unfortunately had to be put to sleep, as do 95% of grass sickness cases. The Equine Grass Sickness Fund is a great source of information re this horrible condition. Read more at...

Reducing sand ingestion

Just a quick heads up to our clients living in areas with sandy soil such as the Isle of Axholme. We have had a increase in the number of sand colics our vets have been diagnosing. Sand colics result from the build up of sand in the intestines. Horses don't...

Wolfie and Seal are castrated

Castration season is upon us! We usually castrate colts from 6 months onwards - we can do it as soon as both testicles are present if they are starting to show colt-like behaviour. Spring is the best time to do this before the flies are too bad. The procedure can be...

**Graphic images of a flesh wound**

We wanted to share with you the recovery story of this amazing mare. The photos are fairly gory - you have been warned! Back in September 2015, this lovely girl tried, rather unsuccessfully, to jump a metal gate out of her field. She sustained a big wound to her left...

Not an April Fool joke!

This morning (1st April!) Richard was called out to Ticky, who was found with a nail in her foot. Luckily her owner had left the nail in position so Richard could X-ray to check if the nail had penetrated any vital structures. We are very pleased to say that Ticky was...

We welcome Ellie to our team

Goodbyes and Hellos... We would like to let everyone know that Simon Hutton is no longer working for the Equine Veterinary Centre. We wish him well in the future. And we would like you all to welcome Ellie Griffiths to the team. Ellie is from Rutland where she was...

Beautiful Shire Foal Born

We have had a few foals born over the last few weeks. This little filly was born over the weekend. She may look small and cute now, but she is a purebred shire and is expected to reach 18 hands! She was bred by the Bedfords at Chequer Hall Stud (Landcliffe Shires)....

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We run a ‘zone’ visit scheme enabling reduced price visits on certain days in certain areas. The zone visit fee is split between the number of horses seen at any one location, even with multiple owners.

If there are 5 or more horses to see at the one location the zone visit fee is waived altogether.
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