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Chorioptic Mange Lotion

Bottle of chorioptic mange lotion with image of chorioptes mange mite on packaging and a horse's irritated skin on lower leg

Clinically proven to aid in the control of Chorioptic Mange also known as “Leg Mites” or “Feather Mites” causing itchy legs and fur loss. It is a 75% solution of Isopropyl Myristate/ 25% Cylcomethicone.

Ten horses with confirmed Chorioptic Mange were treated with the Isopropyl Myristate solution. In 9 cases, no mites were found after one treatment. In the other case, which initially had a very large number of mites, there was a significant improvement after one treatment and no mites were found after a second treatment.

Therefore we would advise 2 treatments altogether, two to three weeks apart. The lotion is as thin as water so there is no need to clip the hair of a feathered horse.

Apply the lotion to the skin below the knee/hock and rub in, then shampoo and rinse off after 20 minutes.

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We are based in the countryside just off the Wakefield (A638) Road at Moorhouse Equestrian Centre and there is plenty of parking.

This treatment is available over the counter. The cost is £25 plus VAT per litre. One application uses around 500ml in clipped horses, and 800ml in unclipped horses.

We are also able to post this out for a £5.00 delivery charge.

To order, e-mail or telephone 01977 652280 between 9:00 and 17:30.